Sad! 3 friends die on their way back from a wedding

Attending the wedding of a love one is something that we all look forward to in life, this is because,

it gives room for us to share our joy and love with the celebrants. We don't even mind covering long distance to get to wherever the wedding is to take place. 


Image of victim


The same journey of celebration was taken by these three friends; Adamu Manu Gir gir, Umar Mustapha,

And Asma's Nasidi Geidam but unfortunately for them, they didn't make it back home alive. 


Image of victim


Their car was involved in an accident along Damaturu-Maiduguri highway while returning back from the wedding of their friends.


Image of victim


They had to travel all the way from Yobe state down to Maiduguri covering several kilometers in order to be in attendance only for the inevitable to meet them on their way back.


Image of victim

Judging from photos taken from the scene you will see that surviving such an accident only takes the grace of God the almighty.

The car went up in flames after suffering from severe crash, leaving the car inside a big gutter along the road. 

NorthEast Reporters(a Facebook news media) also carried the news of their painful demise.

Nobody wish to make a journey just to be returned back in a body bag. We pray for the repose of their souls and for the families to have to strength to bear this irreplaceable loss. 

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