Run Away From This Plant Any Where You See It Here's Why

It's normal to plant varieties of plants around our surroundings, most people do this for the beautification of their residential area or for some other purposes. 

This particular weed called jimson weed is widely know as a snake repellant. This means that it scares snakes away and prevents them from living around wherever it is planted. 


The picture of a jimson weedJimson weed


On the other hand, scientists has also warned against the misuse of this weed. This weed is medically certified as one of the plants used in the laboratory to produce other drugs. 

It's been known that people smoke this plant and as a result of that it have killed many due to how they misseed it.

And Doctors of the US department have warned people not to eat this plant even by mistake as it can be a very good poison to humans. 


Picture of a jimson weed


Those that planted it around their surroundings should make sure it's far away from their gardens.

Again parents should be very careful about how their young ones play around this particular plant. 


Jimson weed

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