Roads to extortions in Nigeria

The Federal Road Safety Corp is mandated to be in charge of all road transport safety ranging from licensing of vehicle, crime, accident, and safety laws for users etc. 


Sadly, today all military and paramilitary agencies are found on the Nigeria roads under one form of disguise extorting road users. 


The Federal Road Safety Corp has over five hundred written down safety rules and laws that qualifies them to impound violators vehicles. Most of this rules and laws are unknown to road users making them vulnerable to extortion on the roads or have their vehicle impounded. 


Regrettably, many succumbed to being extorted rather than allow their business activities to be distorted by the impounding of their vehicle.

The harmful part is that they are hundreds of the same rules and laws that are use by military , paramilitary and other road agencies to extort money from roads user at every road checkpoint that is ramparedly scattered all over Nigeria.


The most common among this laws is the drivers license. The drivers license is the certificate of authority that identifies and qualifies all vehicle operators on the Nigeria roads. This is supposed to certify vehicles handlers to having gone through a specified training to be able operate on the Nigeria roads. 


The license is issued by the Federal Road Safety Corp as the agency responsible to train these set of persons (vehicle handlers/drivers) and hand down the rules and laws. 


Unfortunately these phenomenon is not carried out with the due process of training these persons as the agency is more interested in extorting money from public. Hence the many unqualified vehicle operators/drivers and high rate of road accidents.


An open example of extortion in the process is that the license is not issued immidietly at registration or renewal point. This affects the validity range of the license. As the validity range between three(3) and five(5) years from registration or renewal date, the process takes six(6) month to a year of the validity date of the license.



For these reason drivers who are registered or have renewed their license keep running attendance every three months to pay one thousand five hundred(#1500) naira for a permit that allows them to function on the road. 


The permit money is believe to be an extortion as they have already paid for their license which is running even without being issued to them. 


These extortion has led to drivers/vehicle operators avoiding the licensing process and fleeing at the sight of these agencies, endangering the lives of passengers.

Elites among drivers argues that the many rules and laws made by the Federal Road Safety Corp for road users is to prepare grounds for extortion. 

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