Four big secrets that men hide from their wives number 2 will suprise you

See These Four big secrets that men hide from their wives.

women are broadened as top secret people, but unknown to many, men are the most talented when it comes to keeping secrets.

even though they are deeply in love, men have still had to open up completely to their partners.

here are Four secrets that men hide from their wives



1. Their true feelingunlike women,


men have a really hard time expressing what they really feel. for example, men are extremely jealous people;

Even though they don't say it often, they still don't always agree to seeing their partner laugh at another man's joke orthat she sees other men.


2. The correct amount in their bank accounts

even if a man is head over heels in love with his wife, he will never tell her the exact amount in his bank account (s).

There are two reasons for this. some men are very secretive by nature and like to withhold certain information from their partners, especially when it comes to money. Men like this also don't like discussing their plans with their wives.

the other reason is quite simple; Some women are very materialistic. Once they know you have a well-stocked bank account, they'll want to treat themselves to all the luxuries in the world.


3. Their past life / romantic relationship


what a man fears most is telling a woman that he actually likes the number of women he has dated in the past.

because they like to protect their reputations, no man would say he was one of countless women or preferred older women. such information always tarnishes the image.

Moreover, most women react negatively to such information, so to protect both their reputation and their relationship, men prefer to keep these things a secret.



4. Their sexual fantasies and fears in bed


most men enjoy oral sex, masturbating, sexual domination etc. Some people enjoy spanking during sex and prefer specific positions. But they will never say it for fear of being labeled "perverse."


men also have concerns about their performance in bed. No matter how confident you give a man, he will always have doubts about his sexual skills.


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