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Quickpaysurvey Review. Real or fake. Find out if this plaftorm is fake website or another form of ponzi. Please all what you are reading here should not be considered real. As our writers wrote according to what they found on the site or Quickpaid surveys account app. Invest what you can afford to lose. We are not responsible for your loss or gain on this website as we only Review.




Quickpaysurvey.com is a legit website that pays you for surveys and for reading emails.

It is one of the hundreds of paying surveys Sites. Although the name might seems misleading because you might think that survey will pay you quickly but it take a little bit of time before you reach their trash hold.



How to register on quickpay survey. 

Go to their website quickpaysurvey.com and sign up on their site. Sign up with your details like your phone number, email address, password and postal code. After successful registration, you will be taken to your dashboard. You will be give 3$ for successful registration.

How to make money on quickpay survey

: there are many ways you can make Money on this site from surveys to reading emails. They are as follows:


Login quickpaid surveys 


Join or login to quickpaysurvey here 




1. Paid Surveys:

Quickpaysurvey as the name sounds have a lot of surveys where you can answer and you get paid. The surveys all have their respective price tag on them. Quickpay survey have high paying surveys which have prices ranging from 0.70$, 0.50$ and more. Anytime you tap on their surveys, you directed through their survey routers where you will go and answer the survey questions and your money and your points will be accredited to your account. Although surveys are limited on their site, you can manage the few surveys on the site



Get-paid-to offers:

Quickpay surveys don't only have survey offers as the only option to make money. There also have offers or tasks to do and get paid. The tasks ranges from signing up on certain websites, downloading apps and other tasks you will find on the site.

3. Referral Earnings:

Like every make money online site quickpay has a provision where users who referred their friends to register on the site are rewarded. They didn't set up a specific amount to pay for referrals. But they pay you 15% of the life time earnings of your referrals. This do not take anything from the money accumulated to their account but is an additional way for the site to pay you for helping them to have new users.

4. Paid to read emails:

Quickpay surveys did something commendable that some survey sites are not doing, which is the option of reading emails and get paid. 

Once you sign up on this site, you automatically allows your email to be bombarded with email ads which the only thing you will do is to read the emails and click an ad to confirm that you have read the emails. You will get paid 5 cents for each email you read. You can also choose the number of emails you wish to receive daily to the GPE setting. You can choose the guaranteed emails you wished to receive from 100 to 0.

Sign up bonus: After signing and confirming your account. You are gifted 3$ as your balance. You will keep answering surveys and paid offers till the amount reaches 15$ threshold for withdrawal.

6.Cashback or coupon codes for shopping:

if you want to buy anything online for some shops, you can use quick paysurvey to get some little discounts on all your shoppings.



How to withdraw your money on quickpay survey:

Anytime you reaches the amount of 15$ which is the withdrawal threshold. You are eligible to withdraw your earnings to only two options.

The first option is through your PayPal account. If you have reach the threshold for withdrawal for PayPal account, add your PayPal email and withdraw your money.

2. Amazon Gifts card:

The second option available to you on the site is being paid by an Amazon gift card. For you to withdraw through this method, you will need to reach the maximum amount for withdrawal through Amazon gift cards. You will need to accumulate many points on the site.

You can use the Amazon gift to buy something on the Amazon store or gift to someone you love to use. If you don't have anything to buy on Amazon, sell the gift cards to some sites that buy gift cards in your country.

Quickpaysurvey app:

They don't have an app as at this present moment. But they might have in the closest future. Their website is all they have. Their site is well optimized and mobile friendly for new users.

Is quickpaysurvey legit or scam


: It is a legitimate site that pays you for surveys and reading emails. They have been paying their users on the site for a very long time.

In conclusion:


  is a website where you can earn small cash by doing small tasks. They are legit, although it will take you some time before you will be eligible to withdraw.

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