Top 10 upcoming ps5 games that everyone is waiting for

Ps5 is the newest console in the PlayStation line and is set for release soon.

The trailers for the ps5 show that it will be able to run game on higher graphics than ps4 and at a smoother frame rate.

There are many games set to be released alongside the PlayStation 5 but these are the best ones so far.



1) Grand theft auto expanded and enhanced-


Gta 5 experienced huge success on both ps3, ps4 and PC consoles becoming one of the highest selling games of all time.

It featured an open world with missions that can be played with either one of three characters.

While people are waiting for Gta 6, a new and enhanced version of Gta 5 is going to be released for the ps5.

The enhanced Gta 5 for the ps5 is set to see graphical and technical enhancements that will make it sharper and smoother than before.


2) Miles Morales spiderman-

This game is the sequel to the ps4's Marvels spiderman. It was released in June 2020 for the ps4 and is now going to be released as a launch title for the ps5.

The game takes advantage of the ps5's higher processing power to be able to run with 4k graphics and at 60fps.


3) Ratchet and clank rift apart-

Ratchet and clank rift apart is a ps5 exclusive game and one of the ps5's best looking games that is set to launch alongside the ps5.




The game continues its story from ratchet and clank into the nexus as they travel multiple worlds to stop a villainous emperor from destroying all organic life.

The player plays as Ratchet accompanied by his robotic sidekick clank as they traverse

multiple levels and environments defeating enemies with a collection of varied weapons and gadgets.


4) Hitman 3-


Hitman 3 is the final series in the World of assassination trilogy released for advanced consoles.

In the game, you'll play as the assassin agent 47 and travel across more than six locations around the globe taking out criminal targets.


The developers of the game said it will be "a lot more mature, serious and darker" than previous games in the installment


5) call of duty Black ops cold war-



The call of duty series is one of the most popular fps ever created and the black ops cold war will serve as the seventeenth installment of the call of duty series.

The game's story is inspired by actual events and will be set during the cold war era in the early 1980s and will have multiple endings.

The game has been released for the ps4 and ps5 console and will feature campaign mode across different locations as well as multiplayer and zombie modes.


6) Dirt 5-


Dirt 5 is an offroad racing game that was codemasters and released for the ps4 on 6th November and ps5 on 12th November.

There are different types of races like ice racing, rallycross, offroad buggy and stadium super trucks across varied locations like

Arizona, Brazil, China, Morocco, Italy, New York and Norway. It has a story based career

mode that pits the player against a rival racer called Bruno Durand and it also supports 4 player splitscreen multiplayer.


7) Maneater-



Maneater is a third person action RPG in which you play as a shark out for revenge on a hunter that killed its mother and disfigured it when it was a baby.

Players traverse the open world of port Clovis divided into seven regions each with its own boss.

The player can take down the bosses and their human hunters for special rewards and additional rewards.


8) Oddworld soulstorm-

Oddworld soulstorm is a 2.5d sidescrolling platformer game. 

It is the continuation of 2014's oddworld new and tasty and you play as Abe, a mukodon who's on a quest to save his fellow mukodons from slave labour.



9) Outriders-

Outriders is a third person shooter game developed by people can fly and published by square enix.

The game features third person shooter gameplay mixed with elements of role playing in a skill based gameplay that is powered by the unreal engine.



10) Project athia-

Project athia is a story based action game in a large fantasy open world developed by square enix.


Although a lot of details have not been released about the game and the release date is uncertain,

the story will feature a young  woman exploring a large unfamiliar open world.


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