Struggle with sacrifice towards the betterment of students at large, things are grumbling up and down.

The image of NANS into Nigerian students, most especially Federal University students.

It is clear that NANS members are invisible to fellow Nigeria students despite the aspirant with meaningfully majestification / image for attestifying attitude as leaders.

If truly the structure of NANS need to be restored, then the tittle of dictatorship need to be given a second thought,

the Constitutional right given to contestant into office also need second reading, some amendment need to be done with immediate effect for the gesture of students.

"Little Caesars example"                                                                                                   

A person with wife and children, also working as civil servant. What impact can you generate from him? How do you espect such category of person to cope in fighting for students rights?" 

NO! The best he can offer is taking good care of his children and wife/work.

However, the Constitution of NANS need to be reform,

My reformation Suggestions:                             

1- He/ she above 30 years shall not contest for any key office into NANS/ legislation of students

2- He/she, working as civil servant shall not contest for any key office into NANS.

3- He/ she, a corp member shall not contest for any key office into NANS.

Chances should only be given  to vibrant students who knows the student rights and also having the zeal to protect these rights at any angle.

Inclusively, aspirants shouldn't be measured on the scale of  their willingness to take up

power but also embedded with the ability to manage every of the student affairs without any atom incompetency nor compromise.


The key analytic fascinating the blare of contradiction into NANS legitimate stom into Students union leaders,

despite the fight isn't for one person alone. Removing self-interest is the best ability to utter into the train battleship.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta 💪🏽



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