President Muhammed Buhari didn't go live on his brodcast,confirmed by anonymous,he pre-recorded.

Today by 7 pm on our president Buhari Mohammed, gave a speech addressing the youths about sars and the fatalities caused by it.


  He told the youths that they should stop the protest and continue with our daily activities, that security personal will take care of the problem, and demands will be met.





So anonymous took to his social media accounts and told us he will check if the video is fake,

and appeared later telling us that the video was prerecorded meaning that he didn't say anything live,

your president is acting for us, not our president, he died a long time ago, can't you see it that it took so long for him to address us, they can not trick is any more we are a new generation.



Anonymous is showing us all the secret the president is hiding from us he must stop,

I support anonymous he should travel all secret of government to us, you can't hide anything from us we are in an age of technology.


  We need a new president a president that will lead us to freedom a young president not an old man to understand us as youths,#Endbuari,#Endsars, and #Endswats



  But we should stop all violent protests and fix this peacefully, for a better Nigeria, and a place for our children.

So I'm wondering if all protesters will stand down, if they agree on that speech said by presidentBuhari, we have a right to protest as it was said by presidentBuhari, let's do this protest peacefully.



Disclaimer: this might not be true or it is true, but this is not our president we need the real Buhari back.

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