Prayer that will put an evil garments to an end

Pray against any evil garment that is making things difficult in your life.

pray like never before in this month of December any evil garments meant for you and your family must put to an end this month in jesue name if you believe just say amen.


As you take this prayers your life must change for good you will never experience any form of evil in your life.

Any form of evil garments that will try to torment you and your household must catch fire.

Any demon asign to destroyed you and your family must be destroy by fire and thunder.

Prayers against evil garments Prayers against evil garments. Let us pray* Zech. 3:3; You garment of rejection messing up my life, catch fire now in jesus name.



* In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth, I command every garment of laziness and error, causing limitatiion in my to catch fire now. * Paslm 143:12; My lord, my God, 

release your fire to cut off every unprepentant enemy clothing me with evil garments now in jesus name. * Zech.3:3; you satanic garment of shame destroying my life, burn now in the name of jesus Christ of Nazareth.


* Isaiah 20:6; Garment of barrenness/unfruitfulness causing crisis and pain in my marriage and life, be devoured now by the flame of fire. * O garment of failure,be destroyed now by tbe flames of fire.


* Zechariah 3:4; in the name of jesus christ of Nazareth, I receive a change of rainment roundabout now in jesus Name.Amen take these prayers seriously by saying Amen and don't forget to share to your love ones.


Always go to church and study your bible every time. Join family together in prayer, turn yourselves to prayer worriors.

Try and show love to people around.

Happy Christmas in advance

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