Police Officers Caught Unleashing Slaps To A Nigerian Man (Video)

There had been protests by Nigerian citizens in major cities of the country, not only to end the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) but to end police brutalities in Nigeria.


  Stories from different individuals have been trending on the internet and social media concerning how they have been harassed by officers due to one thing or the other.


Some also took the time to share their heartbreaking experience in various SARS stations across the nation.

   However, despite all these, some officers seem to be ignorant of the people's cry as they still engage themselves in the alleged brutalization.

  A video currently going viral on the internet and social media has revealed the moment when two police officers were seen unleashing series of slaps to an unidentified young man.

  The unidentified Nigerian man was being grabbed on the shirt by one of them as they took turns to unleash slaps on him.

   According to the short video, there were also some other people closeby watching the scene.

  However, the victim's offenses have not yet been revealed.
Watch the video here



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