How To Make Free 30,000 Naira Weekly From Piggy vest App





In this article i  am going to share with  you how to  make free 30,000  naira  weekly online with piggy vest  . 




Piggy vest is an online saving and investment platform established in 2016  ,it offers high interest on saving more than cowry wise or any saving app in Nigeria about 10-35% interest on saving  depend on the duration. 

 So before I go into showing You how I was able to make 30,000 naira with piggy vest   I want to  enlighten you ON  how piggy vest works and what it’s  all about  and how It can be of  benefit to You, in this article I am going to cover the following contents 


 Is piggy vest safe and legit ?

How does piggy vest work ? 

 How Many Saving features does piggy vest have ?

why I  use piggy vest for saving.

How do I register  for piggy vest 

How to make  money with piggy vest .


Is piggy vest  safe and legit ?

Piggy vest is a save and legit platform for saving and investing in Nigeria. Your money and personal data is save with piggy vest ,we use only  the highest level of banking security secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption, to ensure that your information is save and secure.

That is registered and licensed with  SEC, CBN and NDIC . Which means your BVN is safe with them, this are my personal research .


How piggy vest works ? 

It is one of the best saving and investment platform in Nigeria, anyone with a piggy vest account can make money by saving and investing , they have the highest saving interest in Nigeria about  10 to 35% interest on saving and  investment  which is higher than the 3% interest offered by cowry wise   investment ,you can also make money by referring your friends .

I use Piggy Vest  to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey -


How Many Saving features does piggy vest have ?

Piggy vest has a range of saving and investment features (wallets) that you can use to save and invest depending on your needs ,they are you as follows 


Piggy bank saving wallet

Your piggy bank is your “core saving”  wallet on piggy vest . You can save automatically into this wallet daily, weekly or monthly and even manually depending on your choice, there are 4 withdrawal days  to ensure discipline on your savings , withdrawal s outside your set withdrawal days will attract a 1% penalty fee.

Safe lock

Safe lock is a fixed saving option that allows you put money  aside for set period while you also earn interest on the money , money in safe lock  can attract an interest of 10  to 35 % depending on the duration .



Flex Naira 

A Flex Naira is where all the earned interests on all other piggy vest (wallets ) are paid to, you can also fund all your other wallets from your flex Naira account ,you can also deposit money into piggy vest  using your flex account Number , the flex naira account is also a flexible saving wallet in the sense that it can also earn interest of 10%


Flex Dollar 


Target savings 





Target savings enables you to save towards a particular  goal .

You can save towards a particular goal or even enter a group saving challenge with other piggy vest users 

Some goal you can save towards include rent, vacation, or even a household item, with 10% interest rate per annum.



I use Piggy Vest  to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey -


Why I use piggy vest for saving 

 since I started saving with piggy vest I have been able to beat my monthly  saving goals and I also get a 10 to 35% interest   on my savings. 

 How do I register  for piggy vest ?







To register for piggy vest first you need to download d app (i.e   piggy vest save and invest) from your play store or Apple store or you can visit the  website piggy vest .com .

Once you download the app the next thing is to click on register and they will ask for your full name, E-mail address, phone number , password and you promo/referral code  , Now all you need to do is to put in the referral code = Life and  you will get free 1000 Naira  to start your saving journey. It’s a mutual benefit at no extra cost to You.


You can only withdraw the money when you verify your BVN or NIN with them , once you do that you can click on the flex Naira in the saving tab you will see your flex wallet account number copy it and  deposit a minimum of  100 naira  into your flex account, they require you to save a minimum of   100 naira   with them and you can decide to withdraw it after , with that you are free to withdraw your 1000 referral bonus to your bank .

How to make  money with piggy vest 

Though Piggy vest  referral program when you refer a friend you get 1000 naira and your friend also gets 1000 naira but you can only get this money when your friend signups properly with his BVN , deposit money from his MasterCard  or  copy his flex account number in the  saving tab and save a minimum of 100 naira with them .

Let’s say you are able to refer 30  people weekly that’s free 30,000 weekly from piggy vest  .

I use Piggy Vest  to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey -



You can get referral by introducing your friends to  piggy vest, 

Write an article on Opera News , Lodpress ,or  e.t.c 

Make a YouTube video about piggy vest .

Thanks for reading my article,  if you have any problem signing up or need any help with piggy vest you can contact me through my email address .





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