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Millions of users are locking for ways to make money online possibly make a living while working with your smartphone, nevertheless there are various ways to make money online with or without investment. Some people make money through investment platform, some make money through YouTube and bloggers. Some are online freelancers. All these are ways to make money but choose what works for you.

I am going to introduce the new ponzi scheme called petronpay. Discover full reviews on petronpay, how does petronpay works, how to make money with petronpay, how to Register on petronpay, how to invest on petronpay, minimum withdrawals, packages plans. We welcome you to our website



I will be talking about the ponzi investment platform that is currently trending on the internet for its power and potential reliability, and it is PETRONPAY a smart investment platform doing oil trading. let your money work and get paid every day without pressure from Monday to Friday without having to sponsor. Register now and change your life forever

Make profit investing in petroleum with petronpay investment.

Join PetronPay From  25$ minimum investment, Incl Charges) And Get Paid Back 3 Times (300%) Your Initial Investment Over A Period Of Ten Months.

Get Up To 2.25% Returns Daily, 11.5% Weekly And 45% Monthly For 10 Months.
Not To Mention The Team Bonuses That Pays More Than Your Investment, All Without Recruiting.
You Can Withdraw Your Interest Anytime From Of $25 During This Period.

Petronpay minimum investment start from 25$ which is risk able and affordable.
You can upto 2.5%
Daily bonus(sharing profits)
Once you invest you will earn 3times your investment at 300%.

Currently, the world's top ten petroleum producers are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico and England.

An outbreak of Covid-19 has occurred in remote Nunavut Canada, which includes part of the Arctic archipelago. The region suspends the work of all services, businesses and non-essential institutions for at least two weeks.

Australia, which recently said it had coped with the epidemic, found 17 new cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday.

New Zealand, where the situation so far has also been very favorable, is introducing mandatory masking on public transport and on domestic flights since Thursday.

South Korean authorities reintroduce social distancing rule in and around Seoul. Events involving more than 100 people are prohibited. The number of parishioners at religious services and sports fans should not exceed 30% of the capacity of temples and stadiums.

In Iran, over the past 24 hours, a record number of cases have been identified - more than 13 thousand, 486 people have died. The country's authorities have repeatedly stated that the Iranian economy will not withstand a complete lockdown, and introduced quarantine measures locally, but this time a decision was made on the first nationwide lockdown.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company's management was forced to suspend the activities of refineries in 78% of regions. Therefore, at the moment, the following measures will be taken to the investment activities of the company.

Investment offers from $ 25-99 will work unchanged, but from $ 99-499 conditions will be changed at the end of November, and $ 499-1999 will suspend payments until the pandemic situation changes after the beginning of December.

It is noted that the refinery, stopped due to the widespread collapse of demand for raw materials, daily supplied about 130 thousand barrels of oil to the Canadian market, as well as the east coast of the United States.

Due to the rapidly spreading disease Covid-19, have already led to a drop in oil supplies to the domestic market by 2 million barrels in the past week alone. At some petrochemical plants in the United States, production levels fell to their lowest levels.

Dear Investors, we ask you not to panic. The company is doing everything it can to keep production running, but extraordinary measures may be taken in the coming weeks due to the rapid spread of infection. This situation is force majeure, so we cannot guarantee the receipt of profit for the next 2 months.

The company's working conditions will be reviewed every week, but we hope to do our best to resolve this difficult situation as soon as possible. In this regard, we began to finance enterprises that are engaged in the development of a vaccine





What is petronpay 

PetronPay claims to be an investment company that started in 18th February 2010 ( private investors) Then popularised from December 1 2019. Petronpay claim not to sells any products..but just allow users to invests in a form of oil investment. Petronpay is actually a ponzi investment.

How to join petronpay

Joining investment platform will need you the following details.
Your names, Your email, Your password, Country, Referral ID, and then proceed to the Registration page.

How to invite people on petronpay

1. To refer people on petronpay
2. Login to your petronpay
3. Go to your referral page
4. Copy your link
5. Share to friends and family on social


Advantages of petronpay

Due to its position within the global economy and political systems, as well as its high liquidity, * the oil trade * is one of the most interesting volatile commodities to exploit. Petronpay operates by washing away all of these upside and downside markets and making CFDs attractive and profitable.
Crude oil offers high liquidity and * excellent profit opportunities * in virtually everything. Market conditions.

* Invest $ 25 *
Receive $ 0.38 per day
Receive $ 1.9 per week
Receive $ 7.6 per month
Total return = * $ 75 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 50 *
Receive $ 0.75 per day
Receive $ 3.75 per week
Receive $ 15 per month
Total return = * $ 150 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 99 *
Receive $ 1.49 per day
Receive $ 7.45 per week
Receive $ 29.8 per month
Total return = * $ 298 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 249 * + $ 15 fees
Receive $ 3.74 per day
Receive $ 18.7 per week
Receive $ 74.8 per month
Total return = * $ 747 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 499 * + $ 15 fees
Receive $ 7.49 per day
Receive $ 37.45 per week
Receive $ 149.8 per month
Total return = * $ 1498 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 999 * + $ 30 fees
Receive $ 14.99 per day
Receive $ 74.95 per week
Receive $ 299.8 per month
Total return = * $ 2,997 *
Reach the 300% limit

* Invest $ 1999 * + $ 30 fees
Receive $ 29.99 per day
Receive $ 149.95 per week
Receive $ 599.8 per month
Total return = * $ 5,997 *
Reach the 300% limit



All plans may take you * 10 months to reach 300% without sponsoring * or * building a team *.

When you decide to build a team or sponsor people, instead of having the * 300% * stretch over the 10 month period, you can shorten that time frame very quickly.

In the sense that for people building their team after * 1 month * they can get back in possession of their * 300% * and continue their trading by buying a new barrel.

This is possible via the * different MLM bonuses * that the company has associated with trading:

* 1- Referral bonus: * when you refer one or more people, you receive * 10% * on the amount of the barrel pack that the person has taken. This amount is automatically deducted from your 300% and transferred to your electronic wallet.

* 2- Bonus of 3 people: * Each time you refer * 3 people directly *, you still receive * 10% * on the amount of the barrel pack that these people bought, paid into your electronic wallet.

* 3- Binary bonus: * when you build your team by dividing into 2 sides (* left * team * and * right * team * you get * 50% * of the points generated by your smallest team or weak party.

* 4- Team bonus: * you receive 1% on your entire left and right team.

* 5- Renewal bonus: * Receive all bonuses from your team. You get half the 50% binary bonus back every time your network renews.

* 6- Material bonus: * Depending on the progress of your entire team, you will receive points for each purchase of a barrel pack of oil.

These points accumulated will allow you to have dollars iPhones, apple watches, Mac computers , cars , trips , a house.




Petronpay bonuses plans.

Petronpay investment BONUSES EXPLAINED

Daily bonus
This is the daily profits from Monday to Friday. It ranges from 0.2% to 2.5%. For now it fixed on 1.5%.

Indication/referral bonus
This bonus is given when you introduce any new person into the company. You get 10% of every referral. *Eg* . You refer *A* and *A* comes in with Barrel $249. You'll be paid $24.9 instantly.

Indirect indication bonus
You get 10% of the indication bonus of your downlines. *Eg* . Let say your downline brings *A* and *A* invest $249. Your downline gets $24.9 but since you are not the one who directly refered *Mr. A* , you get $2.49

Binary bonus
You qualify for this bonus if you directly refer 2 people. One on your *right* and the other on your *left* . So to continually get binary bonuses, you have to build a team on both sides by registering more people. You get 50% of the points generated by your weaker leg. *Eg* Let say your *left leg* produces 300 points and your *right leg* produces 500 points. You'll be given $150 the next day. Thus half of 300. Amazing!!!

Three Star Bonus
You get this bonus when you directly refer 3 people. You get 10% of each person you bring but the fact that you bring the third person, the company adds the total of the 3 people and give you 10% of their total investment. Eg. *A* invested $50. *B* invested $99. *C* invested $249. *Total* = 398. So, you'll be given $ 39.8. Fantastic!!!

Active monthly bonus
You qualify for this award depending on the number of people you registered in a particular month.( Number not certain). Most people have never gotten this bonu before.

You qualify for awards when you reach the points required. Eg. To get the first award thus Star One, you need 3,000 points. You'll be paid $100 for this award.



Is petronpay Legit

Petronpay investment is currently a legitimate platform which pays base on your investment packages. Keep in mind that petronpay is a ponzi and can crash at any time


Is petronpay scam

The platform petronpay might look like a scam platform to some users due to failure to adhere their terms and conditions But investment is not scam.

Registration page of Petronpay

Login page of Petronpay



When was petronpay launch or created ?

Johnny Grant created the platform which is headquarter in USA it was established in 2010 known to public in 2019.


Who is petronpay owner or CEO?

Johnny Grant is an American entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and owner of Petronpay.

Can i make a living through petronpay ?

You might be able to make a living on but depending on your package plan. It's not guarantees that you can actually make a living through any ponzi scheme.


Petronpay withdrawals minimum

Petronpay minimum withdrawals or cash out is only $25 dollars with 10% fees. You can 2withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet or bank account base on your packages plans.

Petronpay packages plans

Petronpay have different packages (BARREL)
Barrel $25 get $50- 66 days - 250%
Barrel $50 get $99- 66 days - 250%
Barrel $99 get $249- 101days - 250%
Barrel $249 get $499- 67days - 250%
Barrels $499 get $999- 69 days - 250%
Barrel $999 get $1,999- 69days - 250%

Conclusion on petronpay

We are not affiliates to petronpay or paid to write this reviews. Joining the petronpay investment company is on your responsibility.
If you never try, you will never know. Be concerned about the chances that you will lose rather than the risks involved. It is only by risking that you allow yourself to be rewarded. Keep in mind that rewards are only given to those who dare to risk losing, even if you don't win what matters is that you are giving yourself a chance and it is much better than not give you luck at all.

Many poor people remain poor not because of circumstances but rather because they are afraid to try.

We are entitled to an unlimited number of tries until we successfully use it.

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