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Palmcoin is a regulated Nigerian cryptocurrency, exchange, wallet and community that allows users to accumulate Palmcoin (pmc), to sell Palmcoin (pmc), to buy Palmcoin (pmc) and to store Palmcoin (pmc) like other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, tron etc”.

The above information was seen on their website and it gives us a picture on what this platform is all about. The website is a place where one can accumulate, sell, buy and store this Nigerian’s first Cryptocurrency as seen on their website.

This cryptocurrency can only be used in Nigeria, which means you can’t use this currency in other countries. Based on this limitation, this e-currency might not be known by most Crypto exchangers.

This is not an Investment platform or income program where you are expected to do some tasks and you start earning. On this platform, you are to buy a crypto and wait for it to appreciate in price and you sell it in order to benefit.

Some persons are actually interested in knowing about the domain creation information of website and is dedicated in giving that information.

The domain name ( was created on the 9th of February in 2021 which means they are 13 days old. Judging by that fact, they can be classified a new website because they are less than 2 months old.



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