How To Earn Money Online Paid to Views or Watch Ads Worldwide make $100 daily

There are many ways to profit from the Internet, and there are many ways to profit by carrying out complex tasks such as designing and programming websites. And there are ways to profit through ads.



In this article, we will highlight one of the most common ways to profit from the Internet, and we mean to profit by clicking on ads.


Ironically, many companies and business get their enterprises surging on and surviving the highly competitive business terrain through leaving on advertising their products and services.

It will not be surprising to note that big companies and organizations earmarks over 60% to 70% of their annual budget on paid advertisements.



This is because they understand how potent it is for their enterprise. But such spending are not without intended benefits. So, in most cases when one benefits another is at the opposite end.


This means that advertisers have their targets. And that their targets are those whose pockets must reduce to benefit them.

So, the principle is offering what you have at the pricing thrown at your target. So, the advertiser is at the receiving end while his target is at the subtraction end.



But now, with the evolution of the internet, the tide is taking another shape. It deform from advertiser exerting on targeted audience. Although, not all persons would know this.


In short, now, advertisers are paying you to see their adverts. Strange, isn't? This article is bent on showing you how to earn money by simply viewing ads.




How Can We Earn When We Click on Ads?


This question is already hanging on your lips, I am sure. But you find out now.


In fact, there are a huge number of websites on the Internet that enable you to profit in this easy way, and almost all of them follow one business system, starting with registering on the site, then the site offers you some ads daily to click on those ads, and in exchange for these clicks it gives you some money, which you can withdraw through various methods.



Unfortunately, however, these sites does not give you a lot of money for every click, so in order to collect only one dollar by clicking on the ads on some of these sites,

you must click on at least 1000 ads, and when you click on each ad, you must wait several seconds, until you can click on the next ad. Some times you are limited to the number of ads you can see per day.

This is however understandable due to the fact that it only features adverts based on the budgetary power of the advertiser who is paying the admin to pay you.


Again, because the payer is shouldering dual burden of both providing goods or services and at the same time paying you to see his goods or services he is only willing to eke out some amount, like a gambler who is trying his luck for a catch.



How Much Can You Earn?


If we want to calculate the amount of net profits that we will get by clicking on ads on one of the profit sites, we assume that you are able to click on one ad every 5 seconds, and thus you will earn in every 5,000 seconds one dollar, which is equivalent to one dollar every hour.

But this is not the net profit rate, as the computer you are working on consumes some electricity that you will pay for at the end of the month, and also some Internet costs are spent,

so if we assume that the computer expenses during clicking on this hour and a half are half a dollar, there will be left half a dollar in net profits for you, and in fact half a dollar is a trivial sum these days.


Thus, earning money by clicking on ads is completely useless on a practical level, but there are mechanisms that fall within the framework of earning money by clicking on ads, with which you can collect a lot of money, and we will explain them in detail in this article. So, let us continue.



Do These Sites Truly Pay Out?


In the beginning it is worth noting first that there are thousands of sites to profit from clicking on ads, but most of them are not honest and are therefore,

unreliable, and they do not give you anything when the time for withdrawing money comes, and also even if the site is honest, the amount of money provided to members may be low.

Very compared to the rest of the sites in this field, so it is necessary to be aware in advance of the best sites to profit from this method, the most reliable and sincere so that you do not waste your effort and time in vain,

and also it is better to have correct strategies that you follow carefully, in order to ensure a respectable financial return from online job. Accordingly, we will discuss the details of these matters in the following paragraphs.



Profit Strategy and the Best Ads Clicking Sites


As mentioned earlier, there are few sites that have credibility in this field, so we have to mention here the best honest and reliable sites.


We start with NeoBux, which is one of the most famous sites to profit from clicking on ads, due to the number of features it has,

and among them is the ability to change the language of the website interface to one of the 9 most famous languages in the world, and you will not pay any money until you start profit from it.

You can only start working once you register on the site. Of course, the amount of money you get varies depending on two main factors.

The first is your membership type, and the second is the type of advertisement that appears to you. There are several types of membership on Neobux, which are:

Standard — Standard which is the lowest-ranking membership. Then, Golden, Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, Ultimate, which are the higher-ranking memberships.



The Neobux Website Alternative

From display advert

There is also the Ojooo site, which is also considered a well-known site on the world level, and it is similar to the Neobux site, which deals in several languages, and which has features that has contributed significantly to making it one of the well-known sites in the field of profit from the Internet.

Therefore, Ojooo was able to attract millions of members, and this site for profit was launched by clicking on ads in 2013 and it is still active well until the current moment,

and accordingly it is logical that this site is one of the most credible sites, since it has been working for more than 7 years without interruption or disruption,

and there is no indication or evidence that it is a scam site. The Ojooo site has several important characteristics, among which we mention that the membership upgrade is fairly easy,

as well as the ability to perform some tasks other than clicking on ads to earn some extra money, and Ojooo, unlike many other similar companies, offers real ads that are not fakes.


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