Orlu- Trending on Twitter Following the Clash Between the Nigerian Soldiers and the Eastern Security Network at Orlu LGA.

Orlu is currently a trend on Twitter following a face-off between the Nigerian soldiers and members of the Eastern Security Network, ESN at Orlu LGA today.

The clash between the Nigerian soldiers and members of the ESN who are vigilantes of the local government started on Friday, after the vigilantes decided to guard their forests and bushes at Ogboro community from Fulani herdsmen. They were also involved in chasing out some herdsmen found in the community.

Following their actions, the Nigerian soldiers were deployed into the local government to arrest them. However, things have gone out of control, as there happens to be a clash between the soldiers and members of the ESN, resulting in the burning down of building and properties, killing of innocent people, and many left injured.

People of Orlu LGA were locked up inside their houses as they watched the soldiers shooting at people found on the streets.

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Following the clash between the soldiers and members of the ESN, Nigerians have taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter to react, as many expressed shock over the actions of the soldiers deployed into the local government. 

Some persons called out the Governor of the state, Hope Uzodimma for his failure to respond to the ongoing clash between the soldiers and members of the ESN today. 

Others cautioned the people of the local government and community to remain at home.

Here are their tweets:

The issue surrounding the Fulani herdsmen is one that is supposed to have been dealt with a before now. These herdsmen have been caught several times, killing, abducting and destroying the farmlands of farmers in the different states across the country. The Federal Government and the Nigerian Army have been called upon several times to handle them, but they directed all states to accept them.

So whether they bear arms with the intention of killing people and destroying properties or not, all states should accept them?.

Just like other states, the South East region of the country decided to form their own security network known as the Eastern Security Network which will serve as a vigilante to help guard the lives and properties of the people in the different states across the region, and what do they get in return for that? Soldiers killing innocent people.

The Federal Government and the Nigerian Army should be blamed for all of these and these innocent lives that are lost will be accounted for one day.

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