Opinion: Is #Endsars really a protest or a revolution?

For the first time in Nigeria, youths are able to speak in one mind devoid of ethnicity and religion. This #Endsars protest brought a unity to Nigeria.

Is EndSars Protests or Revolutions in Nigeria 

When you take a close look at this ongoing protest what you see is simply the Nigerian youth and not Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba or any other tribe. 


This protest saw to it that the Nigerian youth is speaking in one mind and one heart.

The youths in Nigeria surmounted and are continuing to surmout the upcoming obstacles to this protest. 

During the protest some hoodlums hired by the government tried to stop them. The hoodlums failed woefully.

Some were shot during the protest yet the protest has continued. The government blocked their funding and they changed to Bitcoin.


The government shut their internet source  and they used their phones' network to continue.

What a powerful generation! I am proud to be a product of this generation.

What is going on in Nigeria is not just a protest. It is the spirit of Nigeria moving in her youths and nobody can stop the movement of the Nigerian Spirit.

There has never been progress in any culture without a successful revolution. The revolution is the anti-theses of a standing theses.

When the theses meets the anti-theses, a new theses is formed and that is development. This is a revolution. 

The Nigerian youth knows that if they fail now, they have failed Nigeria and the future of Nigeria.

This is why this protest is spreading like wildfire. What started like a joke is turning to a revolution.

This is because people are tired of the same story everyday. The impunity at  which our elected officers embezzle our collective treasury is very alarming.

Nothing is working. You have no job and when you empower yourself the government kills you because they don't want you to progress.

People are turned to slaves in their fatherland. This revolution is long expected. It is long overdue. It is a revolution and not a protest. 

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