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 Opay was not founded by anybody but it was founded by a company called opera,opera is a very powerful and popular browser of the Norwegian origin.


 Opay was launched in August 2018 after opera acquired with paycom.

What you can do with an opay account

1; Buying airtime : you can buy airtime for network on your mobile from your opay account.

2; Pay Electrical bills: You can now Pay Electrical bills to all of the distribution companies like Eko, Abuja etc.

3; Order food delivery: you can order food from your local restaurant near you.

4; Get a quick loan: using okash on opay ,you can now get a quick for a short term loan.

5; Transfer Money: you can transfer money to your bank account or to other opay users

6; fund your betting account: you can fund your betting account from your opay account.

To learn more send a mail to these email address: onohis5@gmail.com

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