God Is Great: Conjoined Twins One body, two souls : meet the hensel twins

The twins with one body.

 Abby and Britney hensel are conjoined twins, They  were born on March 7th 1990 in America they are dicephalic parapagus twins and they are well described as one body with two souls since the day they were given birth to.

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After the Abby and Britney was born it was a shocker to actually see a human with two heads but what really made it interesting is

the fact the body actually consist on two souls after the doctors did some further discoveries on the twins.

further study and discovery showed the body had two stomachs,

the two souls with one body still had a number of two stomachs present in the body Making it clearrw that it was not just a body with two head but it was two bodies attached to each other

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 although with that result it is quit stunning they still had the normal amount of legs (two) and the normal number of hands also two.

What is quite astonishing again is that the body contains two hearts in the body and of course two brains considering the fact that

the body has two heads on it although the internal parts of two ribcages and two hearts can still be thrown into imagination

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 the body still contained an amount of three kidneys, two left kidneys and two right kidney, many will indeed ponder how can the pregnancy situation can be solved and

how can one have s£x while the other is not in the mood as the body was found to only have one vagina and one uterus which

actually means the twins can get pregnant by one soul having s£x, and of course there are still many things to ponder about but I'll  stop here.


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