Nigerian idol allows Top 11 for the first time.

Nigerian Idol has come along way through the competition. Having DJ Sose, Shey Shey and our dark guy they have come to the conclusion of picking a Top 11 this year instead of a top 10 due to tha fact that the singers remaining were 11 and they are all wonderful singers.

Here are the Top eleven (11) Nigerian Idol contestants.

1. Faith Mac Ebiama.

starting from her round four down to this current moment faith has never stopped to wow us with her wonderful voice, where all that voice comes from its tricky since she has a natural small body.

2. Daniel Ikechi

Daniel Ikechi is a wonderful singer as he wowed us from the begining with his own song in round 4. Even DJ Sose got a hold of the song.

3. Faith Onyeje

This lagos musician has come a long way in our singing competition.

4. Beyonce Ajomiwe

The Port-Harcourt beauty has come this far thanks to her wonderful voice.

5.Dotun Deloye.

6.Clinton Francis. 

With his incredible voice and his emotional story of his father we can all say that clintion is one of the happiest person in the competition making it to the Top 11.

7. Francis Aleta.

8. Kingdom Kroseide

Another person from outside lagos all the way from bayelsa with his wonderful talent has brought himself to the final level.

9. Comfort Alalade.

Another talented singer from lagos. after the incident with star we all hope shes still in the competition for both of them.

10. Akunna Okey.

This beautiful lady has shown promising talent in this competition. I believe she is bringing her A-game now.

11. Emmanuel Elijah.

Our beanie wearer. I personally was shocked when i say him without it. its nice to still have him in the competition.

Note that i wasnt paid to write this

in God we trust.


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