Nigerian Crossdresser, James Brown has Revealed that Bobrisky Threatened to Kill him. Here is the Video of his Claims.

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown in the late hours of yesterday, released a video on social media, alleging that his follow crossdresser, Bobrisky threatened to kill him.

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky.

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown.

He revealed that Bobrisky reached out to him via his social media handle, only to ask him to remove all his content on his page and leave whatever he is doing, seeing that he is copying his lifestyle. He further threatened to end his life.

This is what James Brown said:

"Can you believe what happened this afternoon? Bobrisky reached out to me. I thought he wanted to greet me, heart me.... Bobrisky threatened me that I should leave whatever am doing. Any content of my page that I should leave whatever am doing. He even threatened to kill me. Am serious. I was shocked because I actually love Bobrisky. Please Bobrisky, I will never fight with you. I see you as an elder. There are some elders that don't want to see your "ogo" grow. If it's the hundred thousand Naira you want, Bobrisky I am ready to give it to you. Your content and my content are not the same thing. Am not scared of anything, because I was born to pweeg, I was born to star, I was born to rise.

"Bobrisky you know I respect you so much. From the video you were like, "nobody reached out to you". To be sincere, a lot of people reached out to me. You were the only one that I posted on Instagram. You were the only one. During that time, I got close to five hundred thousand Naira. Lots of them were behind the scene. They just told me to send my account number, that they like my boldness. People sent me money, but you reached out to me and dashed me money which is good, but I didn't even come to beg you for the money. So it did not reach for you to insult me. I never entered your DM to beg for the money. You gave me money out of your willingness. So please, your content and my content are not the same thing".

"Most people are getting it all wrong. I am not a crossdresser. Read my lips. I will never drag with Bobrisky. If your interested, I am a comedian. Pure comedian. I have a dick and I am using it back to back. I don't come on social media and do those things he does. I cannot come and do it. An just doing it for fun".

To watch the video, click on the link below:

The issues going on between both crossdressers are not yet clear, but for Bobrisky to threaten him with death, it calls for carefulness on the side of James Brown.

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