Nigeria could have been the richest country in the world . See the mystery behind our downfalls as youths.



"Nigeria could have been the richest country in the world. But they are busy watching Aki and Pawpaw while their OIL/GAS is being stolen by corrupt government giving it to American and European companies." says an online blogger on her facebook page. 



The youth fight about who is better between Davido and Wizkid instead of oil.


All countries with oil are extremely rich and doing great things for their citizens. But Nigerian leaders are pocketing oil money with European Companies.


The only thing they are doing for their people is sending SARS to beat and harass them for nothing.


Remember Dubai was built by oil money.



Youths are the leaders of tomorrow and should be respected and included in the government structure rather than being treated as worthless .

It's time for the youths to be recognized in the community and government. 

Share with your friends and most probably the youths to reveal their potential 

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