Nicki Minaj sends A Message To The Youths Facing Relationship Breakups.

Nowadays, breakups in relationships has become rampant everywhere. 

I think only the couple can explain the Genesis of it In regards to their individual situations. 

sometimes, breakups can make people to think of doing awkward things as a way to relieve the pain. 

It's important to seek guidance and canceling before responding to a breakup. 

Nicki Minaj message to the youths 

Some people will stop desiring you and cherishing you but they don't quit the relationship. You immediately sense the sagging of interest and you raise it up but they keep denying and attributing it to the same old excuses reluctant lovers use: 'I'm too busy at work,' 'I'm going through a rough patch emotionally,' 'I need time to get myself together.'


The reality is that they either moved their energy to someone else or they decided they've had enough of you. But that's too ugly to confess and so they keep you in limbo.

They're hoping with time a safer exit route will appear, perhaps by simply being able to say 'We've grown apart.'


So how to safeguard yourself against this? Understand that true love is like a flame: it's either burning vibrantly or not burning at all. Flickering flames can never satisfy a lively soul. So do not spend too much time in resuscitation or you'll end up with a frustrating cycle of on-again off-again relationship.


If someone tells you they're no longer sure about you or the relationship, if they say you're free to leave or stay, take it as a wrap.

The most painful breakups are those which find you by surprise, and which you didn't initiate. If you can see the thing approaching and then meet it and ride it like a wave, you can be more than halve the pain.


Never give an inconsistent and unreliable person room to surprise you with a debilitating shocker: seize the initiative and reverse the dynamic by moving on sooner than they thought. This will usually shock them and make them think."

ladies and gentlemen, we learn from experts and Nicki Minaj has experienced many things and she's aware of what is happening out there, therefore let's learn from her words. 

Thanks for your time and please share the message with your friends and loved ones. 

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