New born baby found in bush wrapped inside nylon in sokoto state.


In the early morning, on the 20, November 2020, in the eastern bypass,Mabera area of sokoto state, Nigeria , a new born baby was found wrapped in nylon near a football field.


It was early in the morning when some residents of the area went out for an early training season in the football field, about 7:00 am in the morning.

The football field was located near a small bush.


In the process of playing, the football was mistakenly played the the nearby bush. As one of the players went to pick the ball, that was when he saw the new born baby.

He didn't believe what he saw. He called his other team mates attention. When they all came, they saw a newborn baby wrapped in nylon.

They immediately contacted the nearest police office in the region.


According to an eye witness, who's name  is Ibrahim Abubakar said "in the process of playing(football), it was played there(the bush), as I went to pick it up, I saw the baby. I was shocked and I called others to come and see".


The imam of the area, Mallam Musa Yusuf have described it as a barbaric act and says he hope God exposes the mother. He said " Some are in need of a baby while some don't even know their values". He said, most of these are caused by the parents who refused to bring up their daughters well.


It was gathered that as at the time when the baby was found, he was still alive. Later that day, the baby died in the hospital because of prolonged exposure to cold.


Police department of the area  vowed to find the baby's mother and make her pay.


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