Natural remedies for bad breath

Natural Remedies For Bad Breath.

   The mouth though small is one of the most delicate parts of the body, and when not taken care of, the consequences could be and disturbing.One of consequence of not taking care of the mouth properly is BAD BREATH.


 Bad breath is an offensive odur exduing from the mouth or lungs when speaking.It is caused by bacteria realese of sulphur compound, food stucked in the mouth for a long time, and not brushing the teeth regularly and properly.

   If you know someone that has bad breath or you have bad breath, then you are in luck because in this  article I will be showing you some natural, cheep, and easy means to cure and erase  your bad breath for good.

   One of the most fast and effective means of curing bad breath is the use of;

1).Banking soda: Get baking soda or a dental powder, add salt to any of them to wash your teeth and tongue. Do this three times a day for seven days and say goodbye to your bad breath.

2).Bitter leaves and scent leaves and alum: Wash them together in water to extract the juice. Put them into a pot and boil. When boiling, put alum into it (please don't drink) just open your mouth then inhale and exhale while the alum is melting. Repeat it daily morning and night until you get the desired result.

3).Apple cider veneger: This is also a great means for balancing the pH levels in your mouth, which means it can successfully remedy bad breath. It can be taken on its own or you add a few spoonful of it into appropirate amount of water.

  Getting rid of mouth odur/ bad breath is very important as we meet different kind of people everyday. So try to practice one of the options listed above and begin to hear people compliment you about how your breath is fresh and nice.

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