"My Love For Grand P Is True And I Love Him With My Life" - Ivorian Model, Eudoxie Reveals

 The popular singer, actor and social media personality in Guinea, Moussa Sandiana Kana, also known as Grand P, is in a relationship with heavily endowed Eudoxie. 

 Eudoxie who happens to be an Ivorian model, musician and social media influencer, has been seen together with Grand P for a while now. 

 There has been so much talk about Eudoxie motive towards Grand P, and most people have questioned her love for him,

considering his side, and some people have stated that she is only in love with his money. 

 Considering his stature, many people have reacted on social media, stating that the

Guinea millionaire have gone out for a big pick, as Eudoxie is seen to be very much bigger than Grand P in body structure. 

 However, in recent reports, the Ivorian model made it clear that she loves Grand P with all her life and not just for his money. 

See their recent pictures: 


Could this be love? 

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