Mother Secretly Installed A Recording Device In Her Daughter's Hair And Caught Her Male Teacher In The Act.


As a parent, security of your children should be your first and foremost priority to be put into consideration. 


Sometimes you may realize that your child isn't behaving or isn't practicing what she used to before. 

On realizing this, you should not give it a damn eye and take it for granted. Instead, try to get the Genesis of the change. 

It's of your obligation to do so because if you don't maybe your child might end up establishing new behaviors from elsewhere and once they are internalized in him/her, coming up to normal might be very very hard. 


Sometimes, you may realize that your child's performance in school is changing negatively whereas everything needed are provided for him/her.

Instead of beating them up, try to counsel them first to know what has happened in them that's responsible for the change. 

Remember individual intelligence quotient might have come at a point it can no longer be Rosen. Therefore make prompt observations. 

A change in behavioral characteristics, brings us in today's topic in which this woman by the name Stephanie realized something strange in her daughter Becky.

What did she find out?


Stephanie on realizing how her 11 years old daughter Becky started to change her behaviors in terms of the dressings, hours of sleep, change in moods and many others, she tried to talk to her to know about it but it was all in vain. 


She tried to talk to her daughter's teacher about it but it was all in vain because the teacher said that she doesn't see anything that has changed in her. 

In deed the teacher went a head to explain that Becky was his best student in class. 


Yes she's good in class, but what she is doing is out of her age. Stephanie wondered. 


You all know that, time spent in school is more than it's spent at homes. 

Strategic planning. 

Stephanie decided to come up with a strategy to know exactly what happens to her daughter when in school and she installed a voice tracking device to catch the voices of her colleagues who might be advising her amidst her exposure. 


What shocked her it's that she realized that her daughter's best friend was her teacher despite the fact that the teacher was a male. 


How did they spend time with her teacher? 

During free time, she and her teacher could get in a classroom the two of them and Becky could ask the teacher to explain and discuss some units far much ahead of her level. 


Apart from being ahead in behavioral characteristics of her levels and ages, in school also, she was smart than her mother could imagine. 

Becky was a genius and her mother judged her negatively though it was worth doing it for her to know her daughter better. 


Parents, it's upon you to inspect all the locomotions made by your children but make sure you don't judge it too much before making a prompt follow up. 

Conclusion . 

Be a parent of curiosity about your children and what they do when you're not around them 


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