Marriage according to Christians ia an institution ordain by God to allow a man and a woman come together in holy matrimony to become one flesh.

This has been in practice since the existence of Adam and Eve. The institution has greatly improved and impacted mankind in various ways and also has effected it.


In this article, we will be discussing common problems faced by married couples in this era.

1. Infidelity:- Some say it Unfaithfulness other says it lack of submission of self to the other partner, which ever it maybe cheating and other immorality has been norms in today's order. For a fruitful and a trusting marriage couple should endeavour to abstain from such act.


2. Value and beliefs:- Before a relationship could exist, individual from different backgrounds have come together to make a whole.

This means different face of life and understanding came together. Along the line values and beliefs may be tampered with but with love and better understanding the couple are bound to overcome.

3. Traumatic Situations:- Life is full of surprises, marriage faces alot of storm which may either make them stronger or weaker. Traumatic situations have broken many home. To understandable people it is just a change in life that has to occur.

4. Stress:- Of all the the common problems faced by couple, this is the one most challenging one. It is always caused by situations such as finances, mental and family.

Financial stress can be stirred up by the lost of job by one of the partners. The best advice I can give to couple out there is for them to stay stress free no matter the situation they find themselves. 

5. Boredom:- Among all problem faced by married couples, boredom is the most underrated in any relationship. As time goes by, partner get tired of the things that occur within relationship.

Since relationship cannot be predicted, boredom is inevitable as well. Couples should always endeavor to find spark and spontaneous activities to cheer them up.

6. Jealousy:- Jealousy is an enemy of marriage, over jealous spouse brings up challenges almost everytime they are together.

For love to dominates in such a relationship the other partner must be ready and willing to be overbearing.

7. Trying to change the other partner 

8. Communication problems:- Communication is to send message or receive messages either verbally or non verbally.

Couples have problems in communication mainly when the message sent is wrongly received.

9. Financial issues:- Since love of money is the root of evil, alot of people shouldn't be needing it. Not incase of a relationship partners. 

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