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Good Day Dear readers and welcome to men's world. 

Today we will be thoroughly studying how men can keep their penis clean. This is not all about cutting the hairs located around your genitals, it goes beyond that.. I


I shall be listing some measures men must take to achieve good penis health.


Maintaining good hygiene and care of your genitals reduces the chances of developing problems like skin irritations and some common infections. 



Regular and careful washing is an easy way to care for and check your genitals.



You as a guy must learn to;


1. Wash your penis Gently each day:

Do not use hard Spong on your genitals,

 Carefully pull back and clean underneath the foreskin, as well as the tip of your penis (the glans) using only water and a very gentle soap. 


2. Make sure you wash your underwears:


Guys are fond of wearing one underwear for one week, this is very wrong, not only does it make your genital area smelling it also habors some pathogenic organisms.


So ensure that your  Pant is properly thoroughly rinsed and fully dried before wearing.


3. Always Wash Your hands before Touching Your Penis:

Men ought to know that it is never safe using same hand you used to touch chemicals,Chili or peppers and heat rub. This might Irritate your penis.



Reasons For Taking Care Of your Genitals


No one really knows what some guys are going through, some of our men, when you are privileged to see their genitals, you would take to your heels why because of toughness or swellings and irritations.


Below are common problems men encounter due to lack of care of their Penis



1. Swellings


This includes enlarged veins, collections of fluid, chlamydia or testicular cancer.


 Testicular cancer is uncommon but more commonly occurs in young men between the ages of 15 years to 49 years old.


2. Testicular Pains 


This is a sudden, painful swelling that occurs when a testicle becomes twisted - this is a medical emergency and requires surgery as soon as possible.


3. Use of Smegma 


Smegma is a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist.


 If smegma collects in the foreskin, it can start to smell, and cause an overgrowth of bacteria. This can cause redness and swelling of the head of your penis, called balanitis.


we men ought to take Good care of our genitals at all cost.

Thank you for reading.


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