Men If You Don’t Get Any Of These For Your Woman This Christmas, You Are Scum!

The Christmas holiday is just by the corner and with the excitement comes the expectations…the plans…the hopes.

Whether it’s for presents or quality time with our loved ones, we all want something for Christmas. 

As a woman, I know that there is a lists of things we want from our men or the men around us in this season.

I for one just want a small present but who knows what some other women want? Well, I have a lot of ideas. My hope is that we get all of the good wants, need and desires of our heart.

Now, there are 10 major ideas of presents you should give to your woman this Christmas…

1. Clothes

 Women love clothes…so buy her some. Just be very careful when doing this as you have to consider your woman’s style and body size before getting her clothes, that way she will cherish them. 



2. Accessories 

e.g handbags, watches, even eye-wears, pouch, shoes…be creative.



3. Jewelry 

I am a Choker kind of woman so it doesn’t matter if it’s gold, silver or just some metal painted black or just a simple bracelet and I’m good…but for your woman, you should know her preferences first.



4. Shoes

Show me one woman who isn't interested in shoes and I’ll show you a real life angel. 



5. Cosmetics 

These include body lotions, perfumes, lipstick, infact, an entire make-up kit with everything in it from concealer to base, to foundation…the complete set…but what taste does she like? What is her skin colour? Be mindful of that.



6. Gadgets

e.g A phone with a really good camera, laptops, digital cameras.



7. Flowers 

Flowers are good…but a typical Nigerian woman wants something much more tangible. So if you must do flowers, let it accompany something else much better. E.g, chocolates



8. Vacations 

Plan a getaway. Even for just a day or two where only the two of you go to have quality time, no distractions…no unnecessary phone calls. Make some good memories.



9. A car

Erm, a car is not too big a gift. If you can afford it without it pinching through your pockets, then go for it. At one point in time, every woman wants her man to be able to buy her a car.



10. Money


All I know is you can never go wrong with this. Give her money, give her something else worth more than the money you gave her, then relax and see which one her eyes would light up at.


Do any or all of these and see how you’ll enter the new year with so much love and devotion from your woman, then, come back and thank me.




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