Members of this religion smoke weed and believe Jesus was black.


Check out religion in which members smoke weed and believe Jesus was black.



Bob Marley is a Rastafarian 



Religion is believing in a particular supreme being is common to almost all humans. Everyone believes that he/she has a God that they believe is protecting them and granting them their heart desires.

Religions of the world.


There are different types of religions all over the earth through the major ones are Christianity and Islam.
There are also minor religions with their own separate belief and we will discuss one in this article. The name of this religion is Rastafari. Rastafari is a new religion that began in the 1930s in Jamaica.




Rastas call God, Jah, and some belief that Haile Selassie, an Ethiopian emperor who reigned from 1930 - 1974 is Jah reincarnate while some believe that he was the second coming of Jesus.



It is no surprise that they believe in this because their religion name, Rastafari, was derived from the Ethiopian Emperor's name, Ras Tafari Makonnen.


Haile Selassie is also known as Tafari Makonnen.


Ras is the title given to the emperor which can also mean duke in English while Tafari Makonnen is the name of the Emperor.

Rastafarians believe that Jesus Christ who came into the world according to Christianity is black. They believe that the white Jesus is fake and that Europeans do not worship God, instead, they worship the devil.



Rastafarians also believe that the Pope is the Antichrist and that Christianity was created by the white men. They also believe that white man who oppressed black man cannot worship the same God.


Rastafarians base their beliefs on specific interpretations of the Bible and whenever they want to hold meetings, they would pray at the beginning,

make interventions for themselves and others, pray against enemies, and then close with an ending prayer. They believe that Africa is their promised land of Zion.


Rastafarians twist their hair into dreads and smoke cannabis which they refer to as the Holy weed or Ganja.


Rastafarian in dreadlocks.


They claim that the Bible supports the smoking of cannabis in Genesis, Psalms, and Revelation and claim that they use cannabis to find their inner spirituality and to also find the peace which they believe the drug gives. They also claim that the drug has healing properties. 


Rastafarian smoking cannabis


The smoking of cannabis is done through Spliff, a large cigarette that is often rolled together with the weed inside and is smoked after their prayer to Jah is completed.


Weed/cannabis rolled in a spliff


Rastafarians believe in the smoking of cannabis and thousands of them have been arrested because of their possession of this drug.

They have called for the legalization is the smoking of cannabis since it is illegal in most parts of the world.


Rastafari also had a major influence on the popular Cuba-Jamaican singer, Bob Marley. You could tell from his dreads and how he has promoted the Rastafari religion through his songs.



Bob Marley's animated pictures.


When Bob Marley and Haile Selassie died, the Rastafari population reduced but their presence around the world did not. According to research, there are approximately 700,000 to 1,000,000 worshippers or Rastafarians today. 


Rastafari continues to grow and spread all over the world and Rastafarians are not daunted by the way some people view them. They sometimes do not refer to Rastafari as a religion or a movement but instead, as a form of spirituality.


Rastafari is a new religion and more is still to be known about them in the coming years.


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