Meet Nollywood Actress Who Is A Serial Thief And Have Been Caught 6 Times For Stealing (See Details)

 Most celebrities are known for their good deeds and most Nigerians pick out celebrities as their role model.

 It is true that as good as most celebrities act, they do have their bad side.

 The Nollywood actress, Yetunde Akilapa, always appears on the news, but unlike her colleagues, she is known more for her kleptomaniac talent.

 The estranged actress back in 2019, allegedly bought goods close to N200k and paid with a fake alert, and also stole hair extension worth three hundred thousand naria, at Bidex hair salon on Toyin street, Ikeja.

 After the incident, the actress was recorded in a video as a suspect, and the video was sent to the shop where she stole from, and it was confirmed that she was the same person.

 However, few days after her identity was made open, the unexpected happened, as the actress picked all that she stole in one piece, accompanied by a letter, and dropped it at a vulcanizer's shop close to the salon shop where she stole from.

 She wrote in the latter, asking for forgiveness and claiming that she didn't intend to steal, but it happened as a result of spiritual problem.

 Back in 2018, the actress was reportedly caught while attempting to break into a house in Lagos in December. As she had a bunch of master keys, but was apprehended at Ajao estate.

 The 32 year old, was arrested and charged to court, six months after she was arrested for stealing valuables worth N7 million at an apartment situated inside Mutairu street ketu, Lagos.

 The actress stated in 2014, that she needed prayers to overcome the spiritual attack on her. She begged when caught on an occasion, that she is not a thief and that she didn't know what was happening to her. She added that most times she just can't explain the circumstance she is in.

 Also in February 2013, she was arrested for robbery by the police in Alade, in the somolu area of Lagos state, after that she was sent to Kirikiri prison, but was released in late 2013.

 After she was released, things became very difficult for her and she started a salesgirl job with a business woman, who bought new ipads, iPhone and laptops to the shop. During the night, when everybody has gone and the shop was locked, Akilapa came back to open the shop with a master key.


 She allegedly stole some of the phones, pads and laptops, but was caught, arrested and locked up in the station.

 Yetunde's sister blames her condition on a curse their mother placed on her some years ago.

 She was reportedly banned from the movie industry for going against the industry's code of conduct, according to Sunny Ali.

 Right now, she is in Ibadan, Oyo state, seeking the face of God and with the believe that one day, she will come out of this.

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