Meet Abby, Ghanaian Gorgeous Socialite (Photos)

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and truly, beautiful people tend to see only the beauty in things.

But in the case of this Ghanaian lady, she's not only beautiful but also endowed.

Meet Abigail Broni, also known as Abidiva. She's absolutely endowed with curves.

She has one of the most attractive body figure that every lady could wish for. In fact, some people tagged her as the thickest model on the planet.

Abidiva is a mother of four kids and she had them through Cesarean section, but one wouldn't know she's already a mother.

She knows how important it is to be in good shape after giving birth, and that's why she has such great physique.

Abidivabroni is a businesswoman who sells body enhancement products.

Products she discovered through her years of researching for that non cosmetic body.

But she's specifically known for her waist trainer called 'The Wrap.' The Wrap is her discovery and its a tailor made abdominal binder.

Abigail posts both her works and personal photos on her social media page. She has

lots of followers who not only come to view her photos, but also patronize her products.

Check out more photos of hers below...





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