Making Money with AdSense in Nigeria

Find your AdSense ID.

Associate the AdSense publisher ID with the search engine.

Finding Your AdSense ID

If you already have an AdSense account, you can find your unique AdSense publisher ID by signing in to your AdSense account. Your publisher ID number is above the help search box in the top corner. Alternatively, you can find your publisher ID within the generated AdSense code that you insert in the HTML code of your webpage. Locate the line that has: google_ad_client="pub-1234567890123456" ; the number is the ID.


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Associating a Search Engine with an AdSense Account

To associate a search engine with an AdSense account, add the AdSense element in the XML specification (the context XML file), like this:



keywords="cars" language="en">


  Car Search












The XML has the following hierarchy:








Client id

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