Make money online with zero capital

In Nigeria, there are over a thousand and one ways to make money online. You can either buy and resell online or learn a skill (for example, graphic design or writing) and then find clients online. Rather than using their learned skills to make money online, most people would rather find online platforms that pay them to complete small tasks. The best thing about these sites is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them. Simply complete as many tasks as you can, and if you get bored, you can still leave and return the next day.You can also cash out whenever you want once you hit the minimum withdrawal amount.

It’s not rocket science, as most people would claim.What Is Stepworkstime?  is a Nigerian money making platform that enables its users to earn money through various means.Now that you just learnt that there are various means to earn from this platform, you may probably be wondering; It's varies from VIP0 to VIP3. You first Register on VIP0,and you will automatically be credited with 700 naira. Then start performing some simple tasks and inviting your friends . You earn 35 naira from each task or referral. You keep earning for life as far as you do what I just mentioned. Note that the minimum withdraw for this is 4000 naira. You can also upgrade to VIP1 as soon your money is up to #840 ,, remember you have already been credited with 700 naira upon registration, fantastic! You have 700 already, then invite 5 to 6 friends to increase  the 700 to 840,, You see , you have nothing to loose. When you upgrade to VIP1, everything change,, you earn #110 on each referral . Are you ready to give it a try? Use This Ref ID= 485865

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