Make money online by referring people

Make money online by just referring people only.

      If you have been trying to make small cash from your home. The article would teach you how to make money online just referring people. You can make upto 10,000 naira weekly by just doing this. The name of the website that would be paying to refer people is actually an online store that just started so they need people to pratonisze them and buy their goods so if you refer one person to the online store and the person signup and join their group on Facebook you would actually be credited with 1000 naira. 

  It is 100% legit and has been paying it users now. Below are some payment proof 👇👇👇Payment


So you can see some payment proof so it shows they are legit and paying.

Note: your login details like your password would be sent to the email you used to register and their Facebook link. You must join their Facebook group unless you won't get paid.when joining their Facebook group use the email you used in signing up to join the group.

Below is the website link👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Click and signup registration is free signing up bonus after joining their group is 3000 naira minimumum withdrawal is 10,000.

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