How To Make A Simple Hotspot For Wi-Fi Network At Home At No Cost

Ladies and gentlemen, the cost of living is rapidly elevating. You need to get everything fixed in so that you are able to get through this world and it's dynamics. 

In this article I'm going to show you how you can make simple Wi-Fi hotspot at your homes absolutely for free and thank me later because I did it and the results are awesome. 

All you need to have are the following ;

1. A pair of razor blades
2. A magnetic object
3.A USB cable
4. A copper wire

Now here's how it works. 

Cut the USB cable at the length of your choice and separate the charging wires from the data wires. 

Then connect one of the red charging wire to one of the data cables and tie the two to the end of the razor blade. 

Again connect the black charging wire to another data cable and connect the two to the other razor blade. 

Place the razor blades on a round magnetic object in such a way that they're parallel to each other. A pair of razor blades placed parallel to each other on a magnetic object

Now,  it's time to fetch the network and ensuring that the network does not break. 

Achieve this by connecting from  the two razors with a USB wires and not from the razors and the magnet. 

After that use the USB cable to join your phone with the network from the charging port. Network connected

Bravo!  It's time to enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi network. 


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Abel Mutethia Muthimu - Oct 30, 2020, 7:34 PM - Add Reply

It's amazing

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