Make $30 or N13,000 per day with this app.

Good day, welcome to another wonderful article, here you get another chance to earn money online.

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Going ahead, today's review will be how to make $30 or ₦13,000 per day with no investment. To do this you will need to download an app, this app is called TRONLINK PRO.

Tronlink pro is a crypto wallet where cryptocurrency/crypto tokens are saved in, you know a regular crypto wallet only that this one will pay you to download it and refer others.



 1.  Download the app, Tronlink pro.

 2.  Sign up with email and so on, you know the regular sign up.

 3.  When you load your wallet go to me tab, located at the bottom right of your dashboard.

 4.  Then go to Friend invitation

 5.  On this page, go to claim rewards on the top right corner of your screen.

 6.  Use referral code 2H5V to get 300 points which is valued at $3, this could be converted to any cryptocurrency or crypto token of your choice.


 7.  Get your referral link and share it to get 300 points per person you refer.


 With this you can easily get 3000 points by referring up to 10 persons, valued at $30. You get 300 points and your referral get 300 points also.

Note that whatever comes out from your involvement in this, I nor this reputable  platform lodpress will be held responsible in any way.





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