2 Major Reasons Why Men Beat Their Wives

I will be sharing an interesting topic today. About 60% of men, beat their wives. Some even go to the extent of injuring their wives on the face.


Any man that beats a woman is a Weakling. If you know you wanted a punching bag,it is at the market you can get one.


Almost all men fall victim to beating their wives. No man that beats his wife will ever have peace.

Because you are an intimidator! Find out reasons why some men beats their wives.

1. Intimidation 

Most men will argue this on the ground that they beat their wives because she offended him.

Now my question for you is this, When you go out to the street, you meet two heafty men that stopped you and asked for your phone, and you refused giving them.

They slapped you and brush you. You got up and you couldn't do anything why? Can't you fight them? Or even him?

Why did you refused fighting him? He is bigger and stronger than you?

Listen you can't go into fighting someone whom you know very well you can't beat. It is sucidal to engage into fight with someone whom you know can beat you. 

You beat you wife because you know you can overpower her. Why don't you engage her elder brother into fight? 

Why do you always pick it up with her in any slightest provocation?

Every wife beater is an intimidator because you can't beat some one you can't overpower.

2. Wrong Mentality

Not seeing your wife as yourself makes you beat your wife at any simple provocation. The holy book says" the two shall Bec one" can you fight yourself?

If you are walking on the road and see someone beating or fighting the Air, won't you scamper ?

Probably the person has gone mental? Any man who beats his wife has gone mental because you are fighting yourself.

As long as there is scriptures, in the presence of God,you both are just one. So can you fight yourself?

Beating your wife and inflicting injuries on her Is same as injuring yourself.

If you have a habit of beating your wife,please I know have well that habits is very difficult to over come but try and over come it. 

Any man that beats his wife never prospers. He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

You can't obtain favour from the Lord because you are not seeing your wife as a good thing.

it is only those who see their wives as a good thing do not beat their wives.

Marriage is for adults not for children. In marriage you compliment each other. 

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