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What is lottenga nga


LOTTE Group was founded on March 24, 1967. The founder is Mr. Singh Ho. Headquartered in Songpa District, South Korea, LOTTE Group is a diversified multinational group company centered on South Korea and Japan.
Its business scope covers food, department stores, entertainment, and finance. , Chemical industry and many other fields, is one of South Korea's big chaebols.

LOTTE NGA relies on a strong corporate background to launch P2B2C for the first time in the world, which is the best investment model of platform-merchant-customer. Because of the sustainability, we have been imitated but never surpassed.

LOTTE Group has many physical supermarkets, duty-free shops, and shopping malls.
We have the confidence and strength to establish a long-term foothold in Nigeria and other African countries. LOTTE NGA is the publicity unit of LOTTE MART in the African market.

We will encourage everyone to work hard to promote LOTTE NGA with a high commission return and reward system.
Our aim is to help all Nigerians!

Our goal is: to build LOTTE as the most well-known shopping platform in Africa...
This are the missions and visions of LOTTE written below


The mission of lotte is,
To establish a foundation and baseline for our business activities.
It plays a vital role in strengthening the pride and unity of our employees and motivating them to work for a United cause


Vision of lotte
Life time value creator
Our resolution for the next 50 years

To promote sustainable growth over the next 50 years , LOTTE has chosen to be focus on qualitative growth and declared a new vision.

For more information, you can visit our site to know more about our platform

This is the official website of LOTTE and the company address related information, you can check it at any time..

Now we are going to look into how

1. How to set your Account...

2. How to bind your bank account.

3. How to set your security code..

4. About commission...

5. About recharge


To register and use LOTTE Nga members, they must be legal Nigerian citizens.
Each phone ☎️ number, IP address, bank card information, and personal name can only be used to bind one account.

If the Typhoon control Department detects that any member maliciously registers an account or opens multiple accounts to obtain platform benefits, the member account will be banned for 180 days as a punishment. Please follow the platform regulations...

Use this link to register

Join now

Use 442303 as invitation code...
2. How to bind your bank account: To bind your bank account click on personal information and bind your bank account details please make sure you put everything correctly...
3. How to set your security code: To set your security code click on security management and set up your six digit security code. Note: dont fill the first row just fill the second and third row only.



The distribution reward is a proportional commission corresponding to the level . You can upgrade your membership to enter different levels and enjoy a higher commission share . The daily order price and quantity that can be matched are the result of random matching by the platform, and it’s success rate is also related to the quantity of goods required by the merchant and the amount of funds held.
Generally, the higher the funds, the wider the range of distribution products, and the higher the distribution success rate...

Note: lottenga 

When the account balance reaches 1,000 naira, enter LOTTE Duty Free purchase
Procurement commission is 3%

When the account balance reaches 50,000 naira, enter LOTTE E&C purchase
Purchase commission is 4%

When the account balance reaches 250,000 Naira, enter LOTTE MART purchase
Procurement commission is 5%

When the account balance reaches 1,000,000 Naira, enter LOTTE super purchase
Procurement commission is 6%

When the account balance reaches 5,000,000 Naira, enter LOTTE SHOPPING e-commerce purchase
Procurement commission is 7%

5. We have two recharge options which are;

A. Bank transfer
B. Online recharge


Click recharge on the homepage, confirm the recharge amount, then fill in the trasnferor’s name and the amount to be transferred, and click to recharge. Be sure to submit a screenshot of the successful transfer to the account after remittance according to the account prompted by the platform, and then click “Submit”.


To ensure that the recharge arrives quickly, please make sure that the name of the transferor and the remittance amount filled in are consistent with the remittance. If the you encounter an unsolvable problem during the recharge process , please contact the manual customer service in time.

Because the amount of recharge information is too large, please check the account card number of this platform carefully beg recharging. The platform changes the account number from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service consultation..

This is for the bank card recharge method. But it's currently not available now.👆
The online recharge is currently available. You can use this method to RECHARGE for now.
Once u click the recharge

Look at the following videos on how you can recharge withdraw and do shopping


Before withdrawing, please be sure to bind your withdrawal information in the App. Click the *“Withdraw”* and your withdrawal password to complete the withdrawal.The withdrawal mechanism is T+1, l that is the application will arrive before 24 o’clock the next day on the same day. The specific arrival time is subject to the bank’s loan time.

Withdrawal fees are generated by banks and fund custodians, fixed at 10%.
If you get free ATM card, please use it in time.

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