Lodpress is not a scam I just got paid 100% legit payment proof

For all those who are saying lodpress doesn't pay well it does it payed me yesterday and I have proves.

Lodpress payments proof 


Lodpress.come is a publishing platform that pays writers for writing articles, and of course is a new platform and it is facing a challenge from people labelling it as scam,

for your information lodpress is not scam because I have withdrawn yesterday and they paid me 5dollars with some cent which is equivalent to 2000 naira cause I base in Nigeria.

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The only reason I can see why people labels it scam is just because they find it difficult to reach that minimum withdrawal and yes of course the time for approving a post but in case you don't know they are new and we expect some difficulties.


Lodpress payments proof SCREENSHOT 



But believe me that even as at that lodpress is far better than opera news hub in terms of payments and post approval,

I signed up opera news hub in July the rejection rate was too high sometimes they even falsely reject your article for the wrong reasons with all those months with over all

articles over 100k I was only paid 750 naira what a way to chase away writers believe me when

I say opera news hub is rigged and that's the truth here in lodpress I withdrew 2000 yesterday and wow am ready to raise my next payments.

A little advice I'll give is don't give up. Set your goals to hit 2000paid views in two weeks and striving to get it thank you.


This article was published on lodpress. For more info visit lodpress.com

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Emmanuel - Mar 23, 2021, 10:45 PM - Add Reply

Please how long does it takes to get paid

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