Life of Cripple a true life story

"Life of Cripple" story by horla

Episode (1) part one


#Mr. ThomasEdward

#Mrs. Thomas Faith

#Thomas Marthins


"Mr. Thomas and his wife with their only child Marthins are on their way for vacation to Benin city "

(Get inside the car Mr. Thomas said his wife and son while having snap shot)

#Mrs. Faith: darling! Don't you notice how happy our son was with this vacation we are going ...(chuckles looking at Marthin)

#Mr. Thomas: I told you before it will be a great happiness for him and also a union of love for too am happy (both chuckles and hug)

#Marthins: thanks dad and mum (all laugh loudly) 

#Driver: Am praying for this kind of family sir

#Mr. Thomas:Thanks!

"After 20min of driving "

#Driver: sir we are heading to a food carteen I think we should eat something before we continue the journey very sure Marthin is hungry by now!

#Mrs. Faith: hunn ...yeah horny I think he is right let eat something before we continue!

#Marthins: Dad am hungry!

#Mr.Thomas: (face Marthin) sorry my boy we are about to reach where we are going (face his wife) time is not by our side (Call the driver) how many minute drive remain ?

#Driver: I think it should be 45min drive 

#Mrs. Faith : My darling (rub her hand on his son head ) we are about to reach there ...anything you want to eat when we get there all is for you my son.

#Marthin: dad! I want to eat Fred chicken and chilled juice

#Mrs. Faith: okay my dear we about to reach there.

"30 min later"

#Driver: (Trying to match  break but it not working)

#Mr. Thomas: what is the problem ...??

#Driver: sir , it like the breaking is not working anymore!

#Mrs. Faith: what did you just say ? ...break! 

#Mr. Thomas: Don't you check the car before  leaving home ...? Which one is break now!

#Driver: Sir it getting worse !!!!!

#Mrs. Faith: darling! please do something (looking scared and worrird about her son )

#Mr. Thomas: just try hard and match the break am coming front to handle it ..(trying to mov to the front seat)

#Driver: shout!!! Aaaaaaaaaah ("trying to control the handle but failed)

"Crack sound smash on a pitch of basket near a flowing river"

(Instantly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas died, except from Marthin)

To becontinue.....

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