Life is Pain : I wake up every morning I'm in pain

Our pain


Life is pain.

I wake up every morning I'm in pain.

I go to work in pain.

You know how many Times I wanted to just give up.

How many Times i thought about ending it.

Not easy.

Never give up

How can you enjoy life when you're in pain 😔yeah it's easy to say ENJOY LIFE but it's really hard to pretend that your're okay.

Just enjoy your life while you're in pain. Life is not just always happy, learn how to be joyful in every moments. That's what we called life. for those people who’s feeling in pain now. don't worry you’re not the only one who’s in pain. Always remember God loves you.

PAIN is part of our lives. Yes when you're in pain, you dont know how to escape. Wether you do the right thing or not, the pain is still there.

You don't know where to place yourself. Sometimes you're thinking to end it up but how are people who depends on you, who also loves you? Don't waste your life because of failure, poverty sickness. Physically disabled. 

There is so many reason to stand again and just continue living. 

Sometimes the best lesson are learnt in pain.

We have to pass through this. Sometimes it bring us closer to God.


Thanks for reading.



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