Lessons Facebook Learned from Russia's Alleged intrusion ahead of 2020 US Elections

Giant social media Facebook is keen over abuses and misinformation ahead of 2020 US general elections where the incumbent President Donald Trump will compete against Democrats candidate Joe Biden.


As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the company has repeatedly insisted that it will not be a conduit of misinformation, election disruption and voter suppression.


The social media company draws its lessons from the Russian agents who were allegedly involved in manipulation the 2016 US elections.

Company insiders allude that the company has spent billions in efforts to revise its rules and regulations.

However, a section of them commented that Facebook isn’t the real threat to democracy and national security.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that the US elections were not going to be business as usual adding that the company’s efforts will be geared

towards removing misinformation from its service and encourage voting. He stated that: “We all have a responsibility to defend our democracy.”

Roger MacNamee, a former Facebook investor, argued that: “At the Company’s current scale, it’s a clear and present danger to democracy.”

Facebook wants to clear itself from the notion that its platform, for many years, has been used for malicious purposes.


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