Lawmakers rages over the massacre of rice farmers by Boko Haram in Bornu state of Nigeria.

The house of representatives has invited president Mohammed Buhari to answer over the slaughter of rice farmers by Boko Haram in Bornu state.  


The Senate in similar development in "Ripples Nigeria of 1st December 2020" has demanded that the service chiefs be replaced with new vibrant brains to handle the security challenges and restructure the entire security system.


The service chiefs who were installed by the Buhari led administration was to coin out modalities to fight insurgency and terrorism.

To this day the stride of the service chiefs is not being felt as insurgency, banditry, kidnappings continue to heavily plunge the northern part of the country.


The northern leaders forum has call for the resignation of the president saying he had failed them.

During his campaign the president had promise the leaders to deal with insurgency banditry, kidnapping and terrorism.

They had believed that as retired general of the military, the president would be conversant with such security issues and provide measures to tackle it without much ado.

Unfortunately the incessant killings has persisted. The last killings of the rice farmers by Boko Haram has arouse eye brows as people are scared for their life's and properties in the region.

This has prompted the lawmakers to swing into action demanding for the sack of service chiefs and answers for such security lapses.

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