Lady gives an Account of what is happening at the Yaba Isolation Center in Lagos. This is what she said.

A Nigerian lady had yesterday, release a video, disclosing to Nigerians the unfortunate events that are going on at the Yaba isolation centre in Lagos State. She advised those who have the Covid-19 virus to treat themselves at home instead of going to the Yaba isolation centre.

Yaba isolation centre in Lagos State.

This is what she said:

"Please if you know anyone who has Covid-19, they should go home and treat themselves. They should not go to that Yaba isolation centre. They are Killing people at that Yaba isolation centre so that they can have numbers to count.

"Imagine, they will come and take her oxygen. Oxygen that her family bought for her. They will come and take and give to other people. It is people that gives them money that they give oxygen to. People that bribe them that they give oxygen to".

To watch the video, click on the link below:

At the side of the video, is a farewell message she wrote to her best friend who happened to be a victim of the Covid-19 virus.

This is what it reads:

"I never thought I would be saying goodbye soon. Rest in peace my bestie. May God forgive all your sins and accept your soul into paradise in Jesus name.... Amen".

The lady must have seen how badly they treated her best friend at the Yaba isolation centre and so, decided to make it public. 

If this allegation is true, then that Yaba isolation centre have to be investigated, and those found guilty should be prosecuted. For someone's family to buy an oxygen tank for her best friend to use, only to be taken by those persons at the isolation centre and given to those who bribe them shows how corrupt the entire system of the country is. 

It's human lives that are been dealt with here. They are not animals but humans. These persons are supposed to take care of them, not use their health in exchange of money. 

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