Kogi state governor react to general problems in the country.

CapitaI city of kogi state (lokoja) become a city were the citzens live in fear due to the outbreak of wearhouse we're palliative foods items was found in area such as kpatta market, and ganaja.

The peoples of the state rushed to pick up theirs and huddlums attack them and lives was lost during the incident.

The governor of the stated that, EndSARS protest which started as a genuine agitation has now been hacked by hoodlums and is taking a political dimension.


Yahaya Adoza Bello kogi state governor

Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello stated that, all these fight and misconduct in the country could have been avoided if covid-19 is treated with the same way Ebola was treated.


Yahaya Adoza Bello governor of kogi state

The governor further his speech by saying that, the current situation that country is facing is as the problem been course by the

former government administration from the three tires of the government, and the present regime is only trying to fill the wholes been dig by the previous government.

In my own opinion, the current government are just trying to cover up for there incapability for rulling the people of the country thereby channeling it to the former administration.

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