Kaduna State Joins The Protest But Not On EndSARS but Against Insecurity

The Nigeria citizens have decided to fight for their right as a citizen, they refuse to be intimidated by the SARS and other police officials who had Proved unworthy and had Assaulted, humiliated and Brutalized many Nigeria Citizen.

Many State in Nigeria are on this Protest even those outside Nigerians are still in the protest in their various country for a better Nigeria.

However some state are still yet to pick up their Placards and march out for their protest.

Kaduna one of the State who started their protest lately, were not as much and as viral as those of the southern states.

 In Kaduna state, Residents (mostly the youth) has come out to protest, however, they did not come out to protest about SARS brutality or EndSARS, instead, the came out to protest against the insecurity in their State.

They call on the State and also the entire police force to come to their aid as most of their flyers or placards read “End INSECURITY” “WE SAY NO TO INSECURITY ”

“WE SAY NO TO INDISCRIMINATE KILLING ” “We need Trusted Security mens” “We are tired of Insecurity.”


Those who lead the Protest Were at the front with the Nigeria Flag. This was their plea to the government as the people of Kaduna mostly in the southern part, are facing Problem of Insecurity, Killing, as others citizens have been displaced.

'Residence of those area have suffered so much' so said by one of the Protestant who refuse to make his name known,

he said that the area had been a prey and a den for the Kidnappers and Terrorist even Arm Robbers and Bandits but yet,

the Government seem to do nothing about the case. This indeed does not please the youth, Reports proves that  more than 200 have been killed, more than 300 have been injured and displaced.


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Bassey Rachael Edet - Oct 18, 2020, 4:11 AM - Add Reply


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Suleiman alhassan - Oct 18, 2020, 5:00 AM - Add Reply

Nice one

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Olamide Olaide - Oct 18, 2020, 9:51 PM - Add Reply


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