#EndSars : Adoration Ministry of Rev. Fr. Mbaka in Enugu On Fire

Breaking News: Adoration Ministry Enugu on fire.

Shortly after threats of attack on the Adoration Ministry of Rev. Fr. Mbaka. 5:00pm today 22nd October,


it was reported and confirmed that the Adoration Ministry is on fire, and is said to be set-up by angry thugs.

Shortly today there have been circulation of some videos of this priest which might have been a provocation of the angry thugs who invaded and burnt down the ministry.

He was and is one of the men of God who endorsed the emergent of president Buhari with the prophecy from God, that Buhari is God sent and a liberation to the people. 



He has been accused of bribery and that he had lost the spirit of God, some said his prophecy was fake and a propaganda to get more wealth. 


Though there's no proof of all the allegations on the priest, people still hate him because of his stand during the 2015 General elections.


Recently there has been many attacks on public and private properties by angry thugs who end up looting and destroying lives, properties and means of livelihood.

From attacks on peaceful innocent EndSARS protesters to TVC station and Channels TV station attacks.

it did not stop there, many police stations are under attacks too by hoodlums while the peaceful protesters are still on with their fight for a new Nigeria. 

Please let us be informed, destruction of public and private properties and businesses are not propagated by the

EndSARS protesters rather by uninformed hoodlums who the government should hold accountable for their actions and deeds.

Right now the stability of the nation is down and there's no News or sigh of the President addressing the issue and the nation at large, though many prominent politicians and public figures has addressed the public to calm down and wait for the president to address us.



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