"James Brown"- Trending on Twitter after he Revealed that Bobrisky Threatened to Kill him.

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown is currently trending on Twitter after he revealed that his follow crossdresser, Bobrisky threatened to take his life.

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky.

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown.

James Brown released a video yesterday via his social media account, alleging that his follow crossdresser, Bobrisky has threatened to kill him, seeing that he is copying his lifestyle on social media. He further disclosed that he is a comedian and not a crossdresser, stressing that all the things he has been doing is just for fun.

To watch the video, click on the link below:


Following these events, Nigerians have taken to the microblogging platform,Twitter to express their reactions as many believed that the braw between their two is just to chase clout.

Some persons tweeted that there is nothing serious going on between both crossdressers, but all they are doing is just to gain more influence. Others however  expressed contrary opinions while some made fun of their two.

Here are their tweets:

These two crossdressers have known themselves for a long period of time. While they would choose to have issues now is quite baffling.

James Brown before now, had claim that he is a crossdresser, even when he was arrested by the Nigerian Police. Coming out now to say that he is a comedian is kind of funny and shows how untruthful he is to himself and to the public.

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