"It is over between us", wife dumps husband after she couldn't find the pimples on her husband's back.

A woman who's identity has been undisclosed had recently  found out that her husband whom she married two years ago

has been unfaithful to  her after she had observed  that the pimples that was always on his back had been popped probably by another female.

All reports states that the lady observed that the acne was not the same way it was the last time she looked at her husband's back, while at their home in Erzincan, Turkey.

Representing the woman, her attorney who is Tolga Aydemir uncovered that when the woman find out about the popped pimple and

brought the issue into discussion  with her unfaithful husband, but any time the issue is brought up,he would find a way to divert the topic very fast, 


Now very certain that her husband was holding something in secret against her, she made a decision to confirm for her self if her suspicions were right.


She concluded to go through his phone while he was taking a nap.


What she saw was heart breaking, she found Whatsapp messages from a second woman, probably his girlfriend, and ironically even the pimples was in the topic they both discussed in their last.


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